Stacey and Tony Dancing at their Summer Wedding!

I always enjoy shooting summer weddings on the beach. The light is golden and warm, the breezy air, and the special quality of the bride and groom enjoying their amazing summer wedding. makes for a very memorable moment. 718-200-9534



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Its a wonderful summer wedding Moment, when we find Tony Dancing with Stacey at their Summer Wedding.

New Wedding Partnership-Working now with New Partner Ann Cook!

OK! So, I have revamped my wedding business and have started a wonderful new Business partnership with talented Photographer and Artist Ann Cook. We are embarking upon a new Wedding Business Partnership, we will be shooting your weddings as a team, in close collaboration with you our clients. We both understand that Photographing your wedding is a huge deal, and so we want to make it a super smooth experience. Ann is spectacular at taking great images of the bride and is so easy to work with. We will amaze you. The secret to getting great wedding images is to work seamlessly as a team and capture those once in a life time wedding moments that mean so much. We endeavor to grab this moments and create stunning images for your wedding. Check us out, we aim to please!


We are available 7 days a week, on short notice if need be, and create wedding packages starting at $1500.


Check out our work at


Or Call us at 718-200-9534



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A great shot of Tony Carrying his young Bride Stacey in his arms at their Summer Wedding on the Beach.

Shooting with Mamya RZ ll Camera and Mamiya 110mm and 50mm Lens

I have been given the opportunity to use a Mamiya RZ 11 Medium format 6x7cm Film camera with 2 lenses, for a few months. I love shooting with film cameras, as it brings me back to the original passion that drew me to Photography in the first place in the 1970’s. The Mamiya RZ is a beast of a camera weighing over 6 pounds with lens and its also sublime with the amazing 110mm lens for portraits and a Stunning 50mm wide angle lens. Shooting with it and black and white film is sublime, but also requires a contemplative approach to shooting, as every thing is slowed down, including your ability to rip of a quick succession of images. 1-2 at most. I will certainly update all with the images over the summer.

Hello world!

Hi Everyone. I’m Scott W Baker. I am a New York City Photographer. I have over 25 years of experience as a Professional Photographer. I truly love to create stunning imagery. I look forward to always seeing something unique and that catches my eye!