The Compelling Draw of using an Old Linhof Bi 4×5 Large Format Camera….and why its ultimately great but will drive you crazy!

I recently was given a wonderful older Camera. I was given a Linhof Bi 4×5 Large Format film camera. For those of you unaware of what a Linhof 4×5 is, a brief refresher for you.

Back in the day, Linhof was the ROOLS ROYCE of Large format cameras.German built precision manufactured Cameras with spectacular build quality. To this day they still make the Linhof 4×5 Master Technica Field Camera. A camera that has focusing cams and folds unto itself and is so well built that it will last for decades if maintained.

Long story short, the Linhof Bi 4×5 is a Linhof Monorail camera, that has amazing technical abilities such as axial toilets and shifts and rises. Everything is machined allumiium and highly polished and perfect fit. The camera weighs a bit but could be used in the field. It also has Linhof reflex viewer that allows for viewing images right side up! a great help.

Long story short, the camera is a marvel of technology and I doppelgänger’s look forward to occasionally shooting with it.

Since it requires no software updates and will never go out of style, the use of it is long time fried indeed. You can shoot 4×5 film, either black and white or color transparency or color neg, what ever ones likes.

The images are on a 4×5 inch piece of film so resolution and sharpness are off the charts and truly mind-blowing.

Much more important to me also its that the film, once developed will last for 100’s of years if looked after! So, if you have the time get a Linhof and really enjoy shooting!

New Wedding Package Offered

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I recently received a custom high end wedding album package that I designed for my clients. I insisted on the very finest in materials and quality and that the album showed off my wedding images in the very best light and were simply stunning! I am happy to report that the Wedding Album, made by Nphoto is Amazing! The look and feel is simply beyond comparison. The wedding images just jump off the page in glorious color.


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Brand New Wedding Album has arrived!

I recently ordered a Top of the Line Wedding album to show my finest wedding work. I had a company called based in Poland. I saw them at the Oct 2018 Photo Expo at Javits Center. I was impressed at their offer at the time. a 90% off offer to try them and get a sample album to show my clients what great album they would get from me, after shooting their wedding. Quality is key to me, the album MUST be superb in every respect.

I am very happy to report that NPhoto created a truly stunning wedding album!

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Revamping my Web site!

OK Folks, Wedding Season is winding down but its also starting up!

I am entering the fall season with a web site revamp.

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A great shot of Tony Carrying his young Bride Stacey in his arms at their Summer Wedding on the Beach.

Shooting with Mamya RZ ll Camera and Mamiya 110mm and 50mm Lens

I have been given the opportunity to use a Mamiya RZ 11 Medium format 6x7cm Film camera with 2 lenses, for a few months. I love shooting with film cameras, as it brings me back to the original passion that drew me to Photography in the first place in the 1970’s. The Mamiya RZ is a beast of a camera weighing over 6 pounds with lens and its also sublime with the amazing 110mm lens for portraits and a Stunning 50mm wide angle lens. Shooting with it and black and white film is sublime, but also requires a contemplative approach to shooting, as every thing is slowed down, including your ability to rip of a quick succession of images. 1-2 at most. I will certainly update all with the images over the summer.

Hello world!

Hi Everyone. I’m Scott W Baker. I am a New York City Photographer. I have over 25 years of experience as a Professional Photographer. I truly love to create stunning imagery. I look forward to always seeing something unique and that catches my eye!