Photography in the Time Of Corona Virus…or how I learned to love my Passion.

Staring at The blank screen on my MacBook Pro, contemplating the raw energy of not seeing any wedding imagery any more on my web site. I came to a serious realization that the few weddings I was photographing over the last year or so was no longer what I enjoyed doing. So with a very serious understanding of the NEW reality that Corona Virus has set upon us as a society, I am permanently ending my Wedding Photography business.

I am returning full on with my Original and true passion as a Photographer, which is Fine Art Photography and Portraits.

I love taking stunning compelling imagery, always have. I really feel that this Covid-19 is and will allow many photographers to realign their Photographic passions.

I leap into this New Photographic Frontier willingly accepting the new challenges.

Please enjoy my work and feel free to comment and or Reach out.

my work is at


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